Publication opportunities | 1st International Conference of Contemporary Affairs on Architecture and Urbanism

Publication opportunities

A- All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings Abstract  Book  (as hard copy) with  USA based ISBN number (Free of charge). 

B-  All accepted full papers will be published electronically in the Conference Proceedings  Book with  USA based ISBN number (Free of charge). 

C-Selected papers of the conference will be published in the following journals:

* Selected papers after a successful peer review process will be published in a thematic special issue of the worldwide familiar and SCOPUS Indexed journal, The Journal of Economic & Management Perspectives (ISSN: 2523-5338) in Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2018. The thematic title of this special issue will be "Urban development, energy, and economic growth". Deadline for abstract submission for this special issue is 31 February 2018.  12 of the selected high-quality papers will be published in SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index)  with the name of Open House International (Due to the loss of Editor in chief of this journal and some unexpected issues raised by one of our colleagues on this island our agreement with this journal has been canceled - We are currently negotiating with another SSCI index journal to replace with OHI). - 35 of the other selected papers will be published in the International Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs (Volume 3 Number 1) which is indexed in Crossref, Citefactore and Google Scholar.

 Paper selection will be carried out during the peer review process as well as at the conference presentation stage. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication. The final decision for paper selection will be made based on peer review reports by the review board of the conference.

Contribution Opportunities

A- Alfozan Award 

There will be a chance to talk directly with the representative of Alfozan Award to register your name and projects to be consider for evaluation of their committee member. Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture was established in 2011, it's targeting the architectural, urban, and technical aspects of mosques all over the world, and It will be awarded to the related designer/architect. The main objective of this award is the development of the contemporary design of mosques, throughout a specialized and classified database. The award is triennial; the winning mosques will be awarded based on assessment of an international architectural jurors experienced with mosque architecture, who will relatively evaluate and assign the winning mosques. The candidate mosques will be categorized into three categories; Central Mosques, Jumaa' Mosques, and local mosques. Yet, there are prizes given to innovations and ideas which helps in developing the concept of mosques in the twenty-first century. for more info please see here