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About Alanya



About Alanya:

Alanya is a holiday resort located on the southern coast of Turkey, celebrated for its popular and vibrant ancient history. The city boasts unique, natural beaches with Blue Flag status that stretch along its southern shores. The summers are hot, with little to no rain, while the winters are warm and rainy, showcasing the gentle embrace of the Mediterranean climate. In winter, the air temperature averages 14°C, and the sea temperature is around 18°C. In summer, the air temperature rises to an average of 27°C, with the sea temperature at about 25°C. Snowfall is considered an improbable event here.

The Toros Mountains, towering over 2,000 meters, resemble a quilt covered with snow. Around 20 rivers flow from these mountains to the Mediterranean Sea, carrying the melting snow in the refreshing springtime. Consequently, every valley here transforms into a beautiful picnic spot, complete with rafting racetracks. The plateaus in the hills are home to a rich variety of greenfinch and offer ideal locations for Jeep safaris and trekking. Remarkably, just beyond the Alanya Castle walls, one can find 16 endemic plant species unique to the area.


Human settlement in Alanya dates back nearly 20,000 years, with ancient inhabitants living in caves. According to Herodotus, communities displaced after the Trojan War settled in the city, which extended from Pamphylia to Cilicia. The city was a haven for pirates to such an extent that even the Roman Empire, the ancient world's superpower, could not exert control over them. During the medieval period, Alanya was under the Byzantine Empire's dominion, later becoming part of the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate. The sultan was so fond of the city that, after its reconstruction, he named it after himself. Alanya has been known by several names, including Coracesium, Kalonoros, and Alaiye. Today, with its history that has withstood the test of time, Alanya is a nominee for UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Geographical Position, Climate, and Vegetation Cover:

Located in the south of Turkey, within the Antalya province in the Mediterranean region, Alanya experiences hot and dry summers, and rainy, humid winters. The sun shines for approximately 300 days a year, highlighting the significance of citrus fruits to the local economy. Alanya stands out for its lemon, orange, and citrus trees that adorn the town’s streets.

Modern Alanya:

Since the 1950s, when the tourism sector began to flourish in Alanya, the city has served as a model for tourism, influencing practices both in Turkey and internationally. Its museums, sports centers, and cultural and artistic activities attract about 15,000 tourists annually, regardless of the season. Alanya has established 12 sister city relationships, eleven of which are in Europe, fostering sincere connections among their citizens.

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