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Title of the book: 

Beyond Blueprints: Advancements in Architectural Education and Innovations


Husam R. Husain

  Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia

Cinius Yayınları Publication

Babıali Cad. Çatalçeşme Sok. No. 1 Cağaloğlu 34410 İstanbul, Turkey


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eISBN:   978-625-6740-00-6

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Chapter I

Urban Transformation Through Technology: Impacts on Perception, Branding, and Cultural Heritage Preservation


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Chapter II

Grafting Construction Thinking: An Action-Based Approach to Construction Course Redevelopment


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Chapter III

Critical Analysis of Design Studio Adopting a Narrative Methodology as a Means to Fragmenting Knowledge within Architectural Pedagogy


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Chapter IV

Architectural space: where do we start? - a way of thinking the first approach of an architectural design studio


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Chapter V

The Impact of The Use of Computer-Assisted Drawing Tools on The Productivity of The Architectural Design Process


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Chapter VI

Learning for changing our world

FAR | Methodological Approach in Architectural Education


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Chapter VII

Exploring Mid-journey's Outputs and analysing its result for a new design approach in Architecture


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