City Tour | 7th International conference of Contemporary Affairs on Architecture and Urbanism

City Tour



If you've registered for the conference as an in-person presenter, the city tour will be provided at no additional cost (for one person). If your co-author or spouse is also would like to join the city tour, he/she may need to register for the city tour.

1 Lunch Meal

Entrances (Not applicable-authors will pay if any)

Starts at Alanya University

Starts at 9:00 and Ends at 7:30

  Date: 24.05.2024

(Just for in-person presenters - not applicable for Online presenters.  Online presenters will continue their presentations on 24.05.2024. Our plan is to finish in-person presentations on 23.05.2025 and have a city tour (Alanya City) on 24.05.2024.