* Conference program

The exact program of the conference will be sent to you two weeks before the conference. To be able to understand the overall structure of the program please see our ICCAUA2020 Program.



* Abstract book proceedings

 Abstract book proceedings will be sent to you by e-mail one week before the conference.


* Certificate of Attendance

 Certificate of attendance will be sent to you by e-mail after the conference.


* Certificate of Participation

the certificate of attendance will be sent to you by e-mail after the conference.


* Full Book proceeding

- Full Book proceeding will be sent to you by e-mail after the conference.


 * Do the conference of this year (ICCAUA2021) going to be held online?

Yes, it will be held online for this year due to Covid-19 pandemic, but you will receive Covid-19 based hologramed certificate of participation and presentation which will be acceptable for all higher education centers of the world for your promotion.  You will also get benefits of before and post conference activities considered for the authors of the conference as we had so far in our previous conferences.


* Please would you clarify to me the difference between "regular registration" and "student registration"?

If you are student you will register as “student registration” and if you are not student you may register as “regular registration”.


*Does the "student presentation" include PhD students?



*Will all abstracts accepted for oral presentation be published in full text?

Yes, all the abstracts accepted for oral presentation be published in full text in abstract proceeding book. 


*Do we have to pay the fee before the full text is approved?

Yes, our policy is working like that. We are checking abstract to see wether methodology, title and outcome of your study is working or not. If yes, we are not waiting for full paper to receive due to the matter of time. During the publication of the full book proceedings, we will let you know if there was any other problem to solve.


* Will accepted papers for oral presentation be published as full paper? 

Yes, all the abstracts which has acceptance letter for oral presentation will be published their full paper as well. In case we receive the full paper based on the given deadline.


*When will the full texts be approved by the referees?

The full papers will go through the editorial board to prepare them for publication. They will review your paper and in case if there was any specific problems regarding formatting issues they will contact will you. Normally the abstract books we be release in conference date and full papers will release one month after the conference.


*Do we have to pay the fee before the full text is approved?

Any time after two anonymous reviewers of our conference approved the originality of your prospective work on your abstract, you will be able to register and pay the registration fee.


*We want to pay and register as student for the congress. How can we pay?

Please see the following link in order to finalize your payment. There are two option embedded in the link as two main methods payment and registration.



*How many pages and words does our evaluation need?

please see the following link on order to check the "paper guidelines”.



*Since our subject is a bit detailed, would it be a problem if it exceeds the limits?

There is no problem in case if it required you may increase up to 6000-7000 words.


*Which of the oral presentation or internet based presentation will be written in the conference participation document?

As our previous email due to this extraordinary situation coming from coronavirus, we are able to write “oral presentation” but in case if you wish we can write “internet based presentation”. Depending on your decision.

Note:  For Oral Presentation it is required from you to prepare power point presentation (based on the paper that has been accepted for presentation). Your presentation should  be maximum 15 minutes. The authors who are going to do the Oral presentation no need to send us their power point presentation since they are going to attend to the conference. There will be laptop and video projector in each hall of the conference and you will be able to use them to present your paper.

Note: If your paper accepted for virtual or poster presentation, you are not able to request for oral presentation.

 Note: Number of authors does not effect on registration fee. You will pay just one time for one Article even if you were 3 or 4 authors in one paper. 

Note: There is a possibility for virtual presentation for the one who is not able for oral presentation. In this case, there will not be any discrimination in process of selecting manuscripts for publication in the journals and the conference proceeding will be sent to your postal and Email-address.

Note: You can add Co-authors to your article, if they have already contributed in the development of the study (from both Theoretical and methodological point of view).

Note: The authors who would like to get stamped invoice , they need to first register online.  After on-line reregistration, the system automatically will send you an official  invoice, please forward the given invoice to us. Accordingly, we will be able to stamp the invoice for your administrative concerns.

Note: If you are coming for the conference do Oral Presentation so no needed to send us your PowerPoint presentation. 

*Even if you are three or four authors in one paper it is required to pay just one registration fee. 


in case of cancelation

*30 days before the conference, we will be able to refund 50% of the registration fee (Please, note that all the transaction costs are taken from the canceller’s refund balanc).

*Less than 15 days before the conference, we will not be  be able to refund  the registration fee.

*The paper should not exceed more than 6000 words.