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 8-9 May 2025 Alanya, TÜRKİYE

Hybrid Conference

(Both online and In-person presentations will be available) 

The 8th International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism, ICCAUA2025, is being organized by Alanya University. The conference will feature both in-person sessions and online sessions. The conference brings together all the theories, manifestos and methodologies on contemporary architecture and urban spaces to raise the understanding of the future of architecture and urban planning. Overall, ICCAUA2025 aimed to establish a bridge between theory and practice in the built environment. Thus, it reports on the latest research findings innovative approaches, and methodologies for creating, assessing, and understanding contemporary built environments.

A broad outline of the conference's scope includes peer-reviewed original research articles, case and technical reports, reviews and analyses, Papers, short communications, and notes to the editor.  All scholars, practitioners, professionals, researchers, and policymakers with a common interest in the field of architecture and urban design from different disciplines, such as Art, Architecture, Landscape, civil engineering, Urban Plane and Urban Design are welcome to share their research. The Conference only will publish research of the highest quality and impact.

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- Submit your abstracts to: iccaua.conference@gmail.com 

The primary themes (sections) and their sub-sections for the conference are:

A: Architecture and Technology


Environmental Sustainability

Smart Buildings

Smart Skin, envelope, Buiding facade

Green Architecture and Urban Planning

Climate and building

Climate Change Adaptation

Interior Architecture

Architectural History and Theory

Architectural Planning and Design

Sustainable Environmental Design and Technology

Biophilic Architecture

Design and Technology of Construction

Computers in Architecture

Energy Conservation

Solar design

Genius loci


Artificial Intelligent (AI) 

Space and Place Studies



B: Sustainability and Urban Design


 Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Sustainable Urban Development

Smart City, Digital Age, AI

Urban ecology

Urban Microclimate Analysis

Economic Dimension (this sub-section is free of charge if it is co-authored by a full professor or a highly cited scholar)

Housing and Urban Environments

Urban Aesthetics

New Urbanism

Urban Transportation: Planning, management, and Strategies

Disaster Risk Management

Urban Sprawl 

Moral and Ethical Implications in Urban Evolution

Obedience and Responsibility in Urban Expansion

Healthy and Productive Economy

Chemicals, Waste and Air Quality 

The Urban and Architectural Philosophy


Social and behavioural studies

Public Places Urban Spaces

C: Heritage and Cultural Landscapes



- Gentrification

-Cultural studies

-Adaptive reuse

- Regeneration and Urban Renewal


-Urban Identity, Authenticity

-Tourism Management Perspectives

-Archaeology, Reconstruction and Restoration


-Computer and Digital Applications

-Space and Place Studies

-Intangible heritage


D: Habitat Studies / Infra Habitation


 -Infra Habitation

-Emerging cities

-Gated communities

- Conflict and divided territories.

- Slums

-Affordable houses.

- Resilience,  Disaster and Conflicts

-Pandemic and disease management

-Vernacular studies

-Agricultural Studies

-Housing Studies 

-Demographic studies

-Rural Studies

E: Salutogenic Architecture


-Public Health

-Beyond health Architecture

-Visual Comfort

-Well-being in architecture and built environment.

-Quality of Life

-Healing Environment

-Aesthetic Design and Health

-sustainable acoustic design system

-Thermal comfort

-Comprehensibility in architecture

-Indoor air quality

-Manageability in architecture

-Meaningfulness in architecture

-Sick Buildings


F: Civil Engineering


- Theoretical and Advanced Technology of Engineering Structures

- High-rise Buildings and Large-span Structures

- Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

- Newer Structures and Special Structures

- Engineering Structure Safety and Disaster Prevention

- Structural Reliability, Durability and Health Monitoring

- Project and Construction Processes

- Educational Topics in Civil Engineering

- Reuse and Recycle Wastewater

- Traffic Engineering

- Geographic Information Systems (GISs)

 -Construction Management Engineering

-To see the Abstract Template click here

-To see the Full-Text Template please click here

 *Submit your abstracts  by sending it to: iccaua.conference@gmail.com 

The paper selection will be carried out during the peer review process as well as at the conference presentation stage. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication. The final decision for paper selection will be made based on peer review reports by the review board of the conference.


  • New: For each registered article for the conference, you will have a chance to submit one design project for our  "architectural design competition" free of charge. For more information about the competition please see here
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