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PhD Candidate Petra Funk

The concept of home – Liminal experiences of young people with a second-generation migratory background


 Ahmad Mohammed AHMAD,  Ibrahim Ibrahim INUWA.

Informal Clients’ Patronage of Quantity Surveyors Services for Building Projects in Bauchi Metropolis, Nigeria


 Assist Professor Ar. Zahra Yasmoon , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd

A Discourse on How Abondoned Heritage Can Be Valued- A Case Of Sidhpur   


Dr. Yamina Necissa , Dr. Najet Aroua

The bioclimatic architecture of Algerian Ksour: Ksar El-Boukhari case study


Professor Dr. Carlo Alberini

Affordable Housing’ Challenges. Cost, price and sustainability energy nexus


M.S. Rafeef AlQurashi

A Manual for Reducing Heat in Jeddah’s Urban Parks to Enhance Elderly’s Experience


*   Assoc.Prof. Dr. Aminreza Iranmanesh,  Assoc.Prof. Dr Can Kara

Protection Area Boundary Development by Using AHP and GIS in  Historic/Cultural Heritage Areas


Dr.  HANAFI Abdelhakim

Urban space between sprawl and compactness, Which urban form is adequate for a better growth of cities?


*Dr.  HANAFI Abdelhakim , Dr. Bouthaina Sayad  and Dr.  Djamel Alkama

Towards an economic efficiency of the space of the public place: Case of the public places of city of Biskra / Algeria


B.S., OMNYA EHAB,  Professor Dr. Islam Hamdy Elghonaimy

Phenomenology theories' contribution in succeeding the landscape architecture design for Bahraini reserve: Dohat Arad ecological reserve as a case study


Ph.D. Candidate. İbrahim EREN, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Esin Özlem AKTUĞLU AKTAN

An Essay on Past, Present, and Future Approaches to the Change in Public Life


 Ph.D. Candidate. İbrahim EREN, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Esin Özlem AKTUĞLU AKTAN

Discussion on The Future of Public Life via Cinema


Ph.D. Candidate. MAKHLOUFI Abdelhakim Walid,  Dr. LOUAFI Samira

Optimization of passive strategies in an approach toward net zero energy buildings under future climate changes


Dr. Alessandro Busà

A green, self-financing model of council housing estate regeneration:  The case of Woodberry Down, London


Ph. D. Candidate Ifeoluwa Olla ,   Professor Bayo Amole ,  Professor Dolapo Amole 

Place Attachment of Shoppers: A study of Palms mall, Ibadan, Nigeria


Ph.D. Candidate Ar. Chithralekha Karimbil ,  Professor Dr. Kasthurba Ayikkara Kizhakkayil

Significance of Cultural Heritage of a Sacred Place – A Value Based Assessment


M.Sc. Yara Mohamed, M.Sc. Taher Abdel-Ghani, B.Sc. Alaa Ahmed

Natural Intelligence: Criticizing Architecture in the Digital Age


*Dr. Sara Khelil  ,  Dr.  Iynes Laouni   and  PhD. Alla Eddine Khelil

Smart-Responsive Skins, A Valuable Strategy For Reducing Energy Consumption And Improving Indoor Thermal Comfort In Hot And Dry Climates.


*Dr. Iynes Laouni, Dr. Sara Khelil

The design of a psycho-pedagogical space for autistic children with considerations of spatial criteria, such as lighting and its sensory aspect


  B.E. Cheuk Yin Wai, Dr. Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman Tariq ,    Dr. Nitin Muttil

A risk assessment of socio-economic factors affecting the urban heat island effects on the Vulnerable communities in Melbourne


Mr.   Temitope Olufolahan Olaniran , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd

Mixed Perspective Mixed-Income Housing in Nigeria and South Africa: A Comparative Literature Review.


Professor Dr. Wolfgang Sulzer, Professor Dr. Josef Gspurning, Professor Dr. Viktor Kaufmann,  Robert Fuerhacker, Fabian Wack, Justin Catau, Dominik Held

Use of photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning to measure superficial weathering damage on the facades of Hanfelden Castle / Austria


*Ph.D student Asma Bousri , Pr. Mustapha Cheikh Zouaoui , Pr. Amina Abdessemed Foufa

Evaluation of sport structure's concrete durability: case of the Colonel Amirouche stadium


Pratik Mour ,   Ar. Ramiya Gopalakrishnan

Religious territorialism through architecture: Parametrizing a dynamic trend of the third world


Ph.D. Candidate Yuanyuan Wu,  Dr. Asya Natapov,  Dr. Taimaz Larimian,  Professor. Dr. Qiuhua Liang

Effects of the Visual Quality of Street-level Greenness on Residentials’ Movement Experience and Mental Health


Assistant Professor Dr. Pu Hao

Urban Livelihoods and Rural Landholdings: Inter-related Regional Labor and Land Markets in China


MA. Mounira MIHOUBI ,  Pr. Kaddour BOUKHEMIS

Socio-spatial inequalities in Algerian cities: Guelma as a case study


* Dr. Zoran Markovic  ,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia

Genius Loci on the Case Study of the Restoration of the Old Matlapana Bridge at Maun, Botswana


Professor Dr. Samar MENNOUR

Popular Genius and Its Role In The Reconstruction Of The Algerian City: Images And Reflections. "The Case of The North Algerian".


Assoc. Prof. (PhD) Yenal Akgün ,  B.A. Canberk Kavuncuoğlu ,  B.A. Pınar Neşeliler 

A Novel Kinetic Shading Using Threefold Symmetrical Bricard 6R Mechanism: Investigating the Daylighting Performance and Lighting Efficiency


*Dr. Elif Gizem Yetkin ,  Dr.  Murat Aksel , Dr. Mehmet Dikici  and  Dr. Cengiz İpek

Investigating the flow conditions of an ancient drainage channel in Alanya


Ph.D. Candidate Fabio Carella,  Ph.D. Paolo De Martino,  Ph.D. Vittore Negretto, Professor Francesco Musco

The governance of minor ports in Italy: MSP as an enabler to better-integrated management


M.A. Muneer Muslih Mahdi,  Lect. Dr.  Ahmed Subhi Abduljabbar and  Prof. Dr. Hasan Hamodi Joni

Evaluating a Proposed Traffic Management Policy: The Case of Baquba City


* Ph.D. Candidate Pawan Kumar Yadav, Professor Taruna Bansal,  Ph.D. Candidate Priyanka Jha  Ph.D. Candidate Shehnaz Begam, and Ph.D. Candidate Pankaj Rawat

Detecting Urban Growth Patterns and Conversion Processes of East Kolkata Wetlands


Ph.D. Student  Silvia Sivo

The co-construction of cross-sectoral policies in coastal and marine spaces. Mediterranean case studies of integrated processes


Ph.D. Candidate Carolina de Lurdes Teixeira Sousa

Heritage in (trans)formation: The built vernacular as a case of adaptive reuse for architecture


Fredy Esteban Vizñay-Durán

Analysis of landslide risk management: Los Trigales, Cuenca as a case study


*Arq. Esteban Felipe Cordero Ortiz ,   Asoc. Prof. Dr. Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia ,  Arq. Natalia Pacurucu Cáceres , Arq. Boris Orellana Alvear

The Aestheticization of the Real Estate Market as a Gentrifier in the City: A Case Study of Roberto Crespo Toral Avenue, Cuenca, Ecuador


Prof, Ph.D. Kun Harismah, B.E. Kun Arsanti Dewi , Ph.D. Mahmoud Mirzaei , Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Necmi Beser

Multi-purpose plants of essential oils in residential gardens


Professor Dr. Yung Yau

Homeowners’ Willingness to Install Green Roofs in Existing Residential Buildings – An Empirical Study in Hong Kong


Prof. Arch. Anna Terracciano,  Ph. D Candidate Giovanna Ferramosca 

Networks, cycles and urban metabolism. Mapping critical environment: Giugliano (NA) as a case study


Architect Abdulsalam Jeraidah  ,  Assistant Prof. Dr. Mustafa Eyyamoğlu

Evaluating Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings in North Nicosia Through Universal Design Parameters


Assistant Professor-Ar. Harita Ponnapalli

Viability of Non-Motorized Transport for Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


 Jacqueline M. Boulos, Dr.  Husam R. Husain

Adaptive multicultural cities and planning policies in the Mediterranean region


 Dr. Arlinda Hajzeri,   Dr. Visar Hoxha

The interplay between spatial justice and housing prices


 Dr. Husam R. Husain ,   M.Sc. Omar Salem

The Role of Tactical Urbanism and Participatory Design in shaping healthier neighborhoods: Cairo as a case study


 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hatice Kalfaoğlu Hatipoğlu ,   M.Sc. Büşra İnce

Urban Sprawl, Rurbanization, and Hybridized Spatial Strategies for Beytepe Village, Ankara


 Ph.D. Candidate. Rineta Jashari,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonja Ifko, Arlinda Hajzeri

Indicators for Assessing the Economic Potential of Post-Industrial Sites: A Case Study of Mitrovica


Abdallah-Surajo Ibrahim Jega,   Dr.Salar Salah Muhy Al-Din

The Implication of Shading Passive Strategies in Buildings of Hot and Humid Climates for Energy Optimization: Lessons from Traditional and Vernacular Dwellings in Nigeria


Emily Njoki Mbugua , Dr. Salar Salah Muhy Al-Din

Salutogenic Architecture Design Criteria for Healthcare Centres In Kenya



Enhancing and Upgrading Housing in Kurdistan Region Camps: A Case Study of Duhok



Enhancing and Upgrading the Housing Camps and Settlements in the north of Syria


Dr. Shahira Sharaf Eldin

A conceptual framework for improving urban image in two similar Mediterranean cities


*  R.A. Taha Dutoğlu,    Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Esin Özlem Aktuğlu Aktan 

The Evolution of Human Habitat in The Context of Historical Turning Points and Crises


Sinem Pelin KAYNAR , Asst. Prof. Fulya SINACI ÖZFINDIK

The Investigation of Emergency Assembly Areas in Çankırı City Center within the Scope of Disaster and Risk Management *


M. Arch. Zerrin Bostan

Cultural Heritage Sites and Valuation


Asst. Prof. Dr. İlkay Dinç-Uyaroğlu

The Potentials of Blockchain Technology in Accessibility Management in Architecture