Early Bird Registration

( 23 March 2024)

Late Registration

(After 24 March 2024)

 *In-person PresentationEnglish sessions

 130 Euro 

260 Euro 


 **In person participation of additional co-author (or spouse)

30 Euro 

60 Euro 


Online PresentationEnglish sessions

110 Euro

220 Euro



Türkçe Oturum

(Just Online presentation is Available)


 85 Euro


 170 Euro



* Difference between an "In-person presentation" and an "online presentation"

In-person and online presentations at a conference differ in several key ways but the most important factor is the Location: In-person presentations take place at a physical conference venue which in our case it will be in Istanbul, while online presentations are held over the internet using platforms like Zoom. You are free to select any method of presentation as you wish.


**What is the meaning of "In-person participation of an additional co-author (or spouse)" in a registration process of a conference?

This phrase is likely referring to the opportunity for an additional co-author or the spouse of a co-author to attend the conference in person. It may mean that the person has the option to register for the conference and participate in person, rather than simply being listed as a co-author on a paper that is being presented. So if you are 3 authors and all of you would like to come to the conference in person. The other two coauthors need to just register as additional participants in the conference. 


***What is the meaning of "online presentation"?

In the context of a conference, "online presentation" typically refers to a mode of presentation where the speaker delivers their talk or presentation over the internet, rather than in person. This is usually done through video conferencing platforms, where the presenter can share their screen and speak to attendees who are watching remotely. The format of an online presentation may differ from an in-person presentation, but the purpose is the same: to share information, ideas, and research findings with the conference attendees. Online presentations are becoming increasingly common due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing, but they are also convenient for attendees who are unable to travel to the conference location.

**** For the online presentation, we are three authors (in one article) do we have to pay and register one ticket or three?

For online presentations, one registration is enough (per each article). All the authors regardless of the number of the co-authors can join the online conference based on just one registration.

But for in-person presentations (if your co-authors also want to come to Istanbul), your co-authors must register separately as  **In-person participation of additional co-author (or spouse).

*****If your co-authored has already been registered for her own article and she wants to participate as in-person presentation, no need to register in your article as a "co-author".

* During the payment steps there was no place to add our manuscripts' ID numbers, what should i do?

During the Registration process no need for manuscript ID. As long as you are registered with our platform, we will receive your information to update our system accordingly.